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Unveiling the Beauty of Kathak Dance: Find Your Perfect Classes Nearby

Kathak dance is one of the most prominent dance forms in India. Being one of the prolific genres of the six acknowledged Indian classical dance forms, it is much more than simple movements. Historical evidence proves that Kathak was mostly prominent in the north Indian states.

Kathak – History and Culture of the Dance Form

The word “Kathak” originates from the term “Kathakar” that roughly translates into – people who narrate stories. While a female storyteller was called a “Kathika”, a male storyteller was known as a “Kathakar”. But what was the Katha about? Well, it was about the mythological stories. These kathakars were storytellers who went around the country from one region to another describing stories. While they recited various epics, they added an element of acting or abhinaya in their performance.

Folklores, mythology, and legends – all expressed through dance and acting – that was the essence of Kathak. By the 13th century, it had become a full-fledged art form with distinguishing features. During the Bhakti movement in Medieval India, Kathak gained some additional features mostly influenced by the contemporary impact of Lord Krishna. The influence of the Krishna Cult was even visible in the performance at the Mughal courts.

Kathak is one of the eight major art forms in the Indian classical dance genre. Kathak was indigenous to Northern India. Wondering about Kathak is the dance form of which state? Well, it originated in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Kathak is the only dance form that has ties with both the Hindu and Muslim religions. It is only the costumes that vary greatly among the two forms of Kathak. Both males and females participate in this art form. The amalgamation of flamboyant music, instruments, costumes, and makeup makes Kathak an extremely enticing form of dance

The most prolific personalities of Kathak dance in India are Birju Maharaj, Gopi Krishna, Durga Laal, and Damyanti Joshi.

Why Should You Join Kathak Dance Classes?

Apart from being one of the most aesthetic dance forms in Indian culture, the Kathak dance form also involves a complete physical workout and involvement of all the muscles in the body. By enrolling in Kathak dance classes, the learners can relate well to Indian history and mythology and appreciate the great diversity of Indian dance forms and art. Kathak dance classes involving regular Kathak dance practice are a great workout for the body. It involves the cardiovascular status of the body and contributes greatly towards developing stamina and endurance power. Kathak is also a perfect dance form to develop coordination and agility along with great body balance.

Kathak dance classes have many more benefits which are beyond simple physical realms. Kathak is often performed in groups, which means, the dancers develop a great sense of collaborative performance and socialization. It helps to reduce the stress and anxiety over the time. Great focus is required to coordinate and plan the steps in order – this improves coordination and concentration power. So, not only is Kathak great for the body but also for the mind. Kathak involves lots of mudras and most importantly a very tough rhythmic movement of the foot.

In today’s world, learning about the cultural essence of one’s motherland is quite imperative. Learning about Kathak does the same. Kathak dance classes create a great platform for like-minded dancers to come together and bond better in similar interests of art

and culture. So, perfect Kathak dance instruction can instill in you multiple skills that are extremely applicable in almost all spheres of life. Tabla, Manjira, and Sarangi are some of the instruments that help intensify the vibes of a Kathak dance performance.

Final Words

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